Meet Our Leaders

All the lay leaders of St. John’s are elected by the voters of the congregation. Elections are held annually, but for only half the positions to avoid a complete leadership turnover. All the leaders of St. John’s strive to set godly examples of Christian living for the congregation and seek to serve with the self-sacrificing, humble love of Jesus.

The 2022-2023 church officers meet monthly with the pastor, the principal, and the heads of the various church boards to discuss the business of St. John’s and to decide how the congregation may best carry out the Lord’s work in Westland.

Position Name Phone
President Greg Pitt 734-812-2580
Vice President Randy Blackwood 734-664-5726
Recording Secretary Glen Stockdale 734-637-6658
Treasurer Randy Seim 734-718-8974
Financial Secretary Joe Schaffer 734-216-8318

The 2022-2023 board of deacons is in charge of the spiritual care of the St. John’s congregation. They meet monthly with the pastor to discuss membership issues and to decide how to best meet the spiritual needs of the congregation.

Position Name Phone
Chairman Jared Spurgeon 734-578-5327
Deacon Fred Schaffer 734-891-8166
Deacon Dan Slaughter 734-680-3288
Deacon Jim Slaughter 734-239-2243


The 2022-2023 board of parish education is in charge of youth education at St. John’s. They meet monthly along with the pastor and principal to discuss the business of the school and to decide how best to minister to the children and families of the congregation.

Position Name Phone
Principal Lori Bartholomew 734-576-1539
Chairman Al Bogenschutz 734-915-6060
Member Matt Foley 920-224-5976
Member Kyle Fleeger 734-765-6540
Member Jeremiah Stockdale 734-589-9130
Member Tod Bartholomew 734-576-1532


The board of Stewardship is in charge of spiritual growth and evangelism at St. John’s. They meet monthly to discuss how best to engage the congregation with God’s Word and reach out to the community with God’s love.

This information is currently unavailable until further notice.


The 2022-2023 board of maintenance is in charge of maintaining the facilities of St. John’s church and school. They meet monthly to discuss any business relating to the grounds, physical facilities, and mechanical needs of St. John’s.

Position Name Phone
Chairman Ken Konrad 734-673-3277
Member Ed Garner 734-659-7178
Member Matthew Styx 269-341-1117
Member Bill Pitt  –


St. Johns Lutheran Church and School, Westland MI

For over 135 years, St. John’s has been serving the people of Westland. We are a group of imperfect people united by a perfect God. We come from many different walks of life, but have been given the same mission. Jesus has shown us God’s love and we want to share that love with the world.

Together in the Word, we discover more joy than stress!

2022-2023 School Year

September 6th, 2022 – June 2nd, 2023

School Hours

M-F: 8:00- 3:15
Sat-Sun: Closed

For more information about St. John’s Lutheran School click below to visit the “Our School” section of the website.

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